Be Still

There is a gameshow called Password.  If you’re not familiar with it there are two teams of two competing against each other and the object is an individual attempts to guess a word while his/her teammate provides clues to guide him/her along.  And they have a running clock to guess as many words as possible.  Some of the clues provided to the guesser are rather clever and certainly not something my pea-brain would have come up with.  In fact regardless of which side of the table I would be on, clue-giver or word-guesser, I don’t think I would fare very well.
But anyway, we’re told on three separate occasions that we’re to “Be Still” when it comes to our dealing with God; specifically Psalm 37:7a, 46:10a, and Zechariah 2:13.  I suspect my life would not reflect a good clue of being still as we’re instructed.  I’m often caught-up in the busyness of life that I overlook being in the moment.  In other words I’m so busy doing that I just forget to be.  I forget to slow down and soak in all that God is as creator, His omniscience/omnipresence/omnipotence, and as my Heavenly Father.  
Oh taste and see that the Lord is good! (Psalm 34:8)